A New Research About Blackjack Casino Game

Casino games are very interesting and attractive games and people all over the world are getting crazy about these games due to high resolution games and good platform support. Every day there are some new interesting games are introduced which makes it more interesting. But in order to embrace infinity, players develop strategies more or less complex, in the image of what they can be: blackjack players or players of slot machines.

In seduction as in a casino, the player blackjack is characterized by its coolness and its willingness to keep some control over his destiny. He accepts that there is an element of luck in his endeavors, but he wants it to be minimized. He want to have more and more gaming pleasure.

The blackjack player is characterized by its strategy: he chooses the people he deals with care as it would build on a winning hand. He loves seduction for what it is: a game where you have to take your time, especially when the stakes are high. He uses slower but safer approach.

Some examples of seductive “Black Jack” Gainsbourg, Vincent Cassel, Woody Allen, Kierkegaard. In literature, the seducer “blackjack” may be represented by the famous character of Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons.

It appeals for fun, for fun, and he did not want to have to break the head by developing a complicated strategy. On the contrary, what he pleases, is to let chance decide for him! Attracted by all that glitters, secretly hoping he hit the jackpot!

Dredge it all goes for pleasure to seduce and be carried away by chance. He did not really tactical; he relies primarily on his charm and his patter to achieve its purposes. His approach is faster, more direct but also much less likely to win. Unless, of course, to be beautiful, rich and famous!

Some examples of seducers “Slots” Dominique Strauss Kahn, Peter Doherty, Ronaldo. In literature, the characters “Slots” are many, but those are the most iconic Don Juan or Casanova.
And you, what seducer are you? Rather Blackjack or rather Slot?

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