Recently, more and more players prefer online casinos to traditional ones, and there are many reasons for this. There are times in the past when the player had to crowd in line to the table with his favorite game, and around was a distracting atmosphere, which was created by hundreds of noisy slot machines.

Now you can get comfortable, choose any pala bingo and focus on the strategy. Moreover, thanks to the development of modern technologies, you can play from your mobile anytime, anywhere.

Nevertheless, despite the high quality of online games, some players lack the spirit of this casino. Live casinos have been able to overcome this barrier, and now everyone can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a traditional casino from their own home. To the services of players on the other side of the screen – these are Live-dealers, with whom you can communicate in real time.

In this article we have collected all the necessary information about the features of the game in Live Casino.


Live-dealer – the central figure during the game in the Live-casino. This is a living person who is responsible for the gameplay online just like a dealer in a traditional casino.

Players have the opportunity to follow all the actions of Live dealers thanks to direct video and audio broadcasting. In this case, you not only see and hear how they accept bets and give out cards, but you can chat with them using chat. Dealers will be happy to answer your questions right away, and you will easily see that there is really a real-time image before you.

Live dealers are real professionals. They will always help if you need to understand a situation. As in this casino, you can even ask the Live dealer if you think it’s worth it to pass or play in a particular case.


So, you’ve already read information about Live-dealers and learned how the Live Casino functions. It’s time to consider the game process in more detail. It’s very simple: you need to log into your account and choose your favorite game. After that, you connect to live broadcast from a special studio or, as sometimes happens, even a real casino. The dealer welcomes players and after everyone takes their places at the virtual table, the game begins.

Below we will look at the different types of games in Live Casino, but they are subject to general rules that apply to other online games. The only difference between Live Casino and other online games is that not for the computer program, but real Live dealers, for the reception of bets, the distribution of cards, the beginning and completion of the game.

Some players may suspect the Live Casino of fraud, but watch closely the video broadcast to understand that this is not true: the broadcast is never interrupted, and the dealer’s hands, cards or roulette wheel always remain in the frame.


The three most popular games with Live Dealers, which are in most online casinos, are roulette, blackjack and baccarat. However, in some casinos you can sometimes find games like Texas Hold’em or other types of Live Poker, and even Sic Bo.


Live baccarat is ideal for those players who like high stakes. It is also one of the first online games with Live Dealers. The most common version of baccarat is known as punto-banko, although it is often possible to find other variants of it in different casinos. In Punto-banko, the rules do not differ much from the standard version, only here the game is played against the dealer who acts on behalf of the casino, and only he gives out the cards.


Live-roulette is a very popular choice in online casinos. After the players have taken their seats at the virtual table, they have a little time to decide on their rates. Then the Live dealer rotates the roulette wheel and announces the dropped number. Simply, exquisitely and exciting!


Among all online games in Live Casino, blackjack can offer the highest level of interaction between the player and the dealer. That’s why Live Blackjack is much more popular than its usual online version. This is a real battle, and we can guarantee that you will get an unforgettable experience by playing the dealer and having gained a solid cash prize. Sincere congratulations from the one who was your opponent a minute ago will be a pleasant bonus.