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We list you the essentials of the World Of Poker  equipment that the players need to start playing.. Cards in hand! If you want to offer a loved one the complete poker kit but do not know what it needs to play its first games, this article is for you!

There are many equipment to make the most of poker: Carts, trays, tokens, cards, carpets and poker tables … there is no lack of professional equipment! The range of products is wide and your choice will be according to your tastes, your budget and your expectations. Here is our list of the indispensable to start your poker games between close ones.

The poker case: the essential of poker!

The best gift you can offer a player in the making is a poker case consisting of all the equipment to play without losing a moment. A poker case usually includes:

*Between 300 to 1000 chips

*Between 2 to 3 decks of cards

*A set of 6 dice

*A dealer button

*A copy of the rules of the game Pokeo

Pokeo’s review:

A poker case is often available in several formats that can contain 300, 500 or 1000 chips respectively. From more than 6 players, we recommend the 500-chest cases. For a large number of players, prefer the 1000 tokens in order to not miss!

The cases are differentiated mainly by the series of tokens they contain. Find our detailed article on poker chips to determine which ones suit you best!

100% plastic card games

Most of our poker cases contain only 100% plastic card games. Plastic card games, in addition to guaranteeing an optimal sliding of the cards, avoid the horns and tears in the course of the parts. Choose the cards in poker format and choose from a wide selection of indexes and back cards!

Carpet, tray or poker table?

Once your poker case is chosen, you only have to find the space to start playing your first games. You can opt for a poker mat or a poker board. More practical, they will cover your table with a poker touch. The neoprene coating of the poker mats allows a good slip of the cards while the composition in jersey allows a good adhesion of the carpet preventing it from slipping.

The most poker enthusiasts among you will be able to acquire a poker table. Free space is not a problem because many tables are folding. You can also make the choice to opt for a Nevada table to feel like at the casino at home!

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