Roulette is one of the most played and most attractive casino games that almost all casino players love to play. Apart from being a glamour game it gives you unstoppable thrill and great entertainment. Some people also consider it as a mystery game. With its high popularity it is considered that all around globe this game is same. For all those it only means becoming a lucky player, spin the wheel, bet on table, and hope for some miracle. But if you have any earlier experience of casino gaming either online or in land based casino you may surely know about other versions of Roulette such as European, American, Mini, French and many more.Roulette is a mainly a 0 shaped table game with betting grids on table which is covered with green cloths. You will find different shape Roulette tables in different countries. If you look at a European Roulette table you will find single 0 with a betting grid, in America there are two 0’s with European grid structure, But in France instead of these 0 shapes, there are no’s in the centre having straddle on either sides, so you will find a lot of variation in some countries. There is also a smaller version of roulette which gives you some special gaming feature as it has less no’s to choose as compare to other tables.Along with a betting grid you will find a wheel depicted with some numerical values at one end of table. Numerical values ranges from a minimum of 0 to maximum of 36. . Numerical range, wheel and betting grid are similar in all countries. Colors, betting types, even and odds are also similar. American style table is most preferred these days. Wheel is rotated with a ball rotating in opposite direction at same time on circumference of wheel when ball loses its momentum and fells it enters into any colors a no present on table. In this way a winner is decided.When you start playing games you must know about different betting choices available here. Inside and outside are two main betting options available for you. Choices like outside pair or Impair pass and manqué present on either side of no’s are outside betting. Inside betting gives choice to wager on no exactly that encompasses lone wager on any no, Split wager on two relentless no’s vertically or level, road when you desire to three continuous no’s level. Some other interior wagers include six lines some time furthermore renowned as Double Street.

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